Saturday, March 12, 2011

On a cloudy day what makes you smile?

OK so maybe I'm obsessed with them but these children are so adorable and incredibly stylish...check out the mini-Hunters!

Starbuckies! As summer (hopefully) approaches so does wearing short shorts. I love Ashley Olsen's cut-offs. They look like an old pair of Levi's with the legs chopped off

   Nylon Magazine
This girl makes me so happy. She is witty, down to earth and incredibly gorgeous. Yes I indeed have a girl crush ;)

LOVE Sienna Miller's comfy outfit complete with beautiful vintage-looking Chanel bag and in-n-out burgers drink 

I believe Tiffany's started making eyeglasses and sunglasses a few years ago and these ones are definitely my fave

Old-fashioned bathroom mixed with pretty flowers, a nice bottle of perfume and a wicker basket. I want!

My future closet :)

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